Accelerometer Squeak

Listen to the built-in accelerometer.

This small app lets you tryout Mono built-in accelerometer.

A squeak is emitted by the buzzer, modulated after the acceleration. Further the acceleration is plotted on a graph.

The app plots the vertical acceleration.

display touch accelerometer buzzer

Alarm Clock

A good old fashioned alarm clock.

The simple alarm clock lets you set a time and will notify at that time.

It uses Mono built-in RTC to track time. You can set the alarm, and snooze when it goes off. This gives you an extra 9 mintues of sleep.

Note: Use of this clock is at you own responibility.

display touch clock buzzer


Keep track of tasks.

Put your Mono on the fridge and keep track of the small mundane tasks that have to be done once in a while.

Mono will display an icon for each task and display how long since you or someone else did the task. Touching the number will reset the count.

You can display up to three tasks on the screen. To replace a task with another task, click on the icon you want to replace, and the row switches to a list of all available icons, which you can now browse through, and click to select.

A battery indicator will tell you if your Mono needs to be charged.

display touch


Display readings from humidity sensor.

Connect a humidity sensor like DHT11 or DHT22 to your Mono through the jack connector.

display touch jack


Game of Pong.

The classic Pong game using a rotary encoder for input.

You can also let Mono play both sides, which will provide you with hours of fun.

display buzzer jack


Displays the ambient temperature.

Show the current temperature together with a graph of measurements.

The units can be toggled by tapping the screen.

display touch temperature

Tic Tac Toe

The classic 3x3 board game.

Play with a fun and exciting game with against another player.

Can you beat your best friend in the most classic of board games?

display touch

Weather Forecast

Display weather forcast

Use your Mono Wifi to display the local weather forecast.

display touch sd wifi


Welcome app.

Simple demo app that comes with Mono.

display touch